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The Civilian Military Combine- NYC Urban Assault recap

As I lay here and type this, all I can think of is “ouch, im beat to hell right now and I feel great”. That may not make sense to a lot of people but I see through the class blogs we have some fitness enthusiasts and runners and whatnot so Im sure you guys understand that feeling and if you dont, Ill try to explain it to you.

Yesterday I did the CMC in Brooklyn and it was great. Its 4 strength events (The Pit) followed by a military style obstacle course. The pit is 90 seconds on, 30 seconds rest of burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings ( 44lb men; 26lb women) and Thrusters (front squat overhead press with 75lb men; 45lb women). After you do that, you start the 4.5 mile obstacle course. If you read my previous post about the GRC, a crew of people who have completed a GRC did this together, in true GORUCK fashion, meaning we wore our bags with bricks in them. 6 bricks if youre over 150lbs and 4 if your under. Bonus good living was brought in the forms of a 35# kettlebell, a slosh pipe named Carl Gustav (named after a famous piece of munitions), a cinder block named Cindy, 25# of WTC steel and some extra stuff we picked up along the course.

thrusters with the extra ‘good livin’

Not like the event wouldn’t be hard enough as is, this is just what we do.

As a critique of the Civilian Military Combine as an “adventure race” or whatever you call these things, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. The obstacles were well made and sturdy (tough mudder always makes shit walls), the equipment in the pit was high quality, the vendors were cool (FREE STUFF!) and the crowd was awesome. The guy who runs the CMC, Sean Rogers is a really great dude too, who has done a GRC and I can honestly say, they put on a hell of an event.

In closing, if you like race events all the way from your warrior dashes to your tough mudders to the almighty GRC, then you must do the CMC. Since no one reads these days, here are some pictures my Sister took (she couldnt compete due to a neck injury).


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